It is most definitely, a very small world!

I have a crazy story I want to post about that happened to me today.

I am an extremely new author. My book has been out since the middle of August. So for me to even say that I’m an “author” is very strange. I feel like I’ve created a pretty good buzz for my book. I’m pleased with the number of kindle copies I’ve sold, for my first book. But I haven’t sold very many paperbacks yet, understandably. Now here’s where the world becomes tiny…

I just started a new job working for a co-op. Basically doing manual labor, watching beans and corn all day long. Today one of the truckers bringing in beans for harvest starts up a conversation with me.

He says..”Are you gettin’ sick of looking at beans yet?“..Me: ” A little bit, it’ll be better when we switch to corn”. Him: “Yea..I’ll be glad then, I’ll be able to sit in my truck and catch up on some reading.” Me: “Oh yea? whatcha been reading?” Him: “Oh I just get some cheap books once in a while, I read almost anything. I’ve got a book in my cab right now actually.” Me: “Oh yea? What’s it called?”

Now by this point I could tell he wasn’t sure if he wanted to tell me the title. Like he wasn’t sure what I would think of that ‘kind’ of book…

Him:”Oh it’s really new, you probably haven’t heard of it.” Me: “Oh you never know…what is it?” Him: “It’s called ‘Z Plan’.” Me: “No shit!…by Mikhail Lerma?” Him: “Oh you’ve heard of it?” Me: “I WROTE it!haha”

He thought I was joking, so I pulled out my drivers license…

Him: “Holy shit!”

It literally blew my mind. It’s not like I’ve even been telling people in Iowa about my book. It’s only available to order from amazon right now. Well anyway, he went and got the book from the cab of his truck and I signed it. It felt pretty crazy, and I just HAD to share it with you all.

Have a great week everyone!


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