My Liebster Award Nomination Response


Thank you to the Grinning Skull Blog for nominating me for a Liebster Award.

Here are my answers…

1. If you could only have 3 items during a zombie apocalypse, what would they be, and why?
-My iPod, to keep me sane(hopefully I would be somewhere with solar or wind power to be able to charge it). Some kind of combat knife, good for up close combat and a handy tool. And a crossbow, long distance weapon with reusable ammo.

2. Your fave movie
-Tough question… Return of the Living Dead part 1

3. Which celebrity do you admire the most?
-Easy… Terence Stamp. He was an awesome General Zod.

4. Your least liked food and why?
-Ham, I don’t know why exactly. Have just never liked it.

5. VHS or DVD?
-DVD…better yet, Blueray. Or just plain digital.

6. DC or Marvel?, and why?
-DC. Why? Superman.

7. Wars or Trek? and why?
-Trek. I remember watching it with my mother when I was little, before she died. Plus, its my opinion that Star Trek is a much more likely the future for space travel than Star Wars.

8. Your thoughts on freedom of speech?
-Well, I believe in free will. No matter what laws anyone or any country puts on their citizens, ultimately anyone can say what they want whenever they want.

9. What offends you the most?
-Blind hatred and ignorance. They go hand in hand.

10. Your thoughts on Creationism
-I am not a “religious” person in any sense of the word. I believe in what has been proven by science. To outright deny the existence of dinosaurs is ludicrous.

11. What’s your best loved nostalgic Kids TV show and why?
-Oh man…I’d have to say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Because they’re ninja turtles! I mean come on! (A close second would be ghostbusters)

Thank you for nominating me!


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