BLOOD ON THE SAND is officially entered in the ABNA contest!


Hello everyone! I am very excited to be entering Z PLAN: BLOOD ON THE SAND in the ABNA contest this year, it’ll be my first.

If you’re interested in reading about it you can click on this link for more info.

The first round is judged on a pitch about your book. I spent a lot of time trying to make mine just right. Let me know what you think!


Cale was sent to Iraq with the usual thoughts any Soldier going to war might have; being lonely away from his family, not wanting to take another human’s life, and above all, the fear of never returning home. Although well trained, nothing could have prepared him for the horror he was about to face.

Cale never thought the thing that could keep him from ever seeing his wife and daughter again would be a zombie apocalypse.  As Cale and a handful of fellow Soldiers escape their base, becoming deserters in order to survive, he begins the long and unexpected journey home through the harsh terrain of the desert; a barren landscape  now swarming with not only undead cannibals, but also the enemy he was originally sent to fight.

The newly formed group plans to travel west, find a boat and maybe, with a bit of luck, make it back to America. Cale is tested beyond his imagination and brought to the brink of insanity as he loses friends while fighting the flesh-eating masses. He risks his life for weeks, focused on holding his wife and daughter in his arms again. It seems all hope is lost when he finds himself alone and adrift at sea … but is hope really lost?

Inspired by the experiences of a U.S. Army Soldier in Iraq, Z PLAN: BLOOD ON THE SAND delves into the struggles of not just surviving a zombie apocalypse but making the seemingly impossible trek home.



4 thoughts on “BLOOD ON THE SAND is officially entered in the ABNA contest!

  1. All the very best with your entry, sir – I wish you all the luck, not that I think you need it from what I’ve read. Great stuff… 🙂 Btw, tis a pleasure to meet you via the Re-meet blogfest.

    Be safe, sir.


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