‘Please allow me to re-introduce myself’ Blogfest post


As part of the ‘Re-introduce yourself’ Blogfest, I am participating as a very recently self-published author. My name is Mikhail Lerma, and my first book Z PLAN: BLOOD ON THE SAND is available on numerous e-book stores. The sequel, Z PLAN: RED TIDES, is in progress.

But while you’re visiting this page (first of all, thank you), you are probably wondering why you should care about my book series (which has zombies in it by the way!) The truth is, I never thought I would ever put this book out there for the world to see and I’m not expecting to reach ‘Best-Seller’ status anytime soon. I just wrote this story while deployed to Iraq for a year. Writing, it turns out, is a pretty awesome outlet for me. People seemed to like it, and I have an awesome wife (editor/manager/motivator/etc;) who pushed me to self publish. I have recently entered it in the ABNA contest, and I’m pretty excited about it. I love connecting with fellow authors and writers. So feel free to drop me a line, and thanks for stopping by. Stay classy 😉



10 thoughts on “‘Please allow me to re-introduce myself’ Blogfest post

  1. Nice to meet you & thanks for your service. My sister deploys in six months and I have a good friend deployed right now. I think it’s great you were able to write while you were away… writing is always a great escape for me. Good luck with ABNA and your publishing!


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