Spreading the word for a good cause!




Zombies are taking a backseat for this post today. Thank you to everyone who follows my blog about my book, it really means a lot. I’d like to take some of your time now to consider contributing to a good cause that is really close to home for me. My wife has started a campaign for her sister, Bri. Bri was diagnosed with cancer Fall of 2012. Since then she has been going to treatments, focusing on maintaining her health, while working her ass off. She is an amazing person who works very long hours for others. She manages pools, is a lifeguard, and teaches kids how to swim among MANY other responsibilities for YMCA. She needs to keep working to maintain her insurance, which covers 80% of her medical bills. (That other 20% is still a lot). But now she is running into a bigger problem…

Her truck, which has lasted her a long time, is now one it’s last leg. Now, we would all love to just move down there and help her out. But it just isn’t a possibility  She lives a long distance from any family, and has been driving to and from her treatments by herself in her crappy truck that is almost done for. So what can you do to help? Well, if you can click this link and give however much you are able my wife and I would greatly appreciate it. You could even go the extra mile and share the campaign with anyone you think would be willing to give.

Now here’s your incentive…If any of my followers from here contribute any amount $15 or more, I will mail you a signed copy of…


Just send me a message saying you contributed, and I will check the list of people that have to make sure. And your book will be on the way!



Thank you in advance!!!


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