Summer of Zombie 2014 Teaser from Kirk Allmond

The Darkness Goes 'Round

Enjoy this generous sample of Kirk Allmond’s book set in the What Zombies Fear ‘universe’!!
Chapter 1 Pinned Down
Victor took a minute to assess the situation. He and Max were pinned down in the back field behind Marshall’s farm. The party was destroyed, shambling zombies waded in packs between the overturned tables and chairs, stumbling and falling. Gunfire came from every direction; Marshall’s men were well trained and well outfitted.
“Fuck you, Charlie,” Victor thought to himself. The shamblers were just there to use up Marshall’s ammunition. Their job was to absorb bullets, so the forces of LEGION would be low on supplies before he sent in the lieutenants.
Charlie and Victor had spent countless nights talking about defensive strategies before the E’Clei took him. And now they knew how Victor thought.
Marshall was god knows where. Supers were dropping off groups of zombies every couple of seconds. The…

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