Z Plan (Red Tides) by Mikhail Lerma

Newest 5 Star review for RED TIDES, thank you Sierra!

A Simple Taste for Reading


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The story picks up right where it left us in “Z Plan (Blood on the Sand)“.  Cale is still battling in the world full of a new deadly or “undead” disease.  When the last book ended, Cale had boarded a boat and set out to sea and is seriously about ready to lose his mind from everything that is happening until he hears someone on the boats radio.

Cale is hopeful that he is being rescued but it turns out he might have been better off on his own.  He will do anything to make his way home, even if that includes being a supply runner for his ‘rescuers’.  Cale is smart and escapes while out on a scavenge along with another ‘rescued’ person.

How strong does a person have to be to face an apocalyptic world?  You will brave through Cale’s trials right along side…

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