COVER REVEAL! Z Plan: Homecoming

Z Plan Homecoming

IT’S FINALLY HERE! I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you all. This project started back in 2007, and I had no idea how much it would change my life. Even though this book will mark the end of the Z PLAN series, it is only the beginning to what (I hope) will be a long writing career! Thank you all for your continued support.
Some fun facts about the cover…
Before I signed on with Permuted Press my wife loved to make different versions of book covers to get an idea of what we wanted. Thinking I was going to continue to be self published at the time, we wanted to make the last book cover really personal. So she had an idea to wait for a foggy autumn day for the perfect picture. There’s a curvy country road just outside of town where she likes to go running. So one morning, she woke up and saw the thick fog covering our town and immediately got our 3 daughters and myself out of bed. It was a school day so we had to hurry. We grabbed my backpack that we wanted in the picture and my uniform and hopped in the van. We took a bunch of pictures of me and my middle child, Rebekah, walking along the road. Then I had to get back in the van and change into my ACU’s. The image of a ghostly soldier actually represents the character Zach in the picture.
Here are some of the images from that day…

PicMonkey Collage

She came up with this cover that we intended to use when we self published…

BookCoverPreview (1)

She did a great job for not having any experience! And we didn’t think after I was signed that we’d be able to use these photos. So we are so excited now with the new cover! It adds that personal touch and makes it all the more special to us.
I’d like to invite you to my virtual release party I’ll be having on facebook. There will be contests, games and of course prizes! You’ll have a chance to win signed paperbacks of ALL THREE Z Plan books, customized items, as well as books from other authors! Click the link to be taken to the event page and click ‘Intersted’!

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