I was born October 1986, in Holdrege NE. It was there that I met my wife, Brooke. We have 3 beautiful daughters, all under the age of seven. I joined the army when I was 17, and after 10 years of serving I left the guard as a Sergeant. In 2007 I was deployed to Iraq for a year. And it was there that I began writing my first story, Z Plan-Blood on the Sand. I wrote the book mainly to keep myself occupied during down times and to entertain my fellow soldiers. When I got home my wife encouraged me to finish it, polish it, and self-publish it. She has been my biggest supporter, so if you enjoy my books you have her to thank for getting them out there! Right now we are living in Iowa. I am currently going to school to become a paramedic, it was a natural transition from being a combat medic in the Army. I am a husband, a daddy, a nerd, a gamer, a Soldier, and a zombie enthusiast! Thank you for supporting an indie author!
As of January 2014, I have signed on as one of Permuted Press’s newest authors.



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