‘Zombie Apocalypse Question Contest’

Hello Zombie Fans!

Along with a Goodreads giveaway of a signed copy of my book ‘Z Plan:Blood on the Sand’,I am holding this question contest for the chance to win a cameo in my upcoming sequel,’Z Plan:Red Tides’.


Reply in a comment to the following…

A zombie apocalypse has broken out in your neighborhood and you need to go and save someone you really care about. You can pick one melee weapon, one long distance weapon and a song on your iPod to slay zombies to. What are they and why?

The winner will be chosen and announced Oct 28th.

Also, go to goodreads to enter the book giveaway!

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Z Plan

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32 thoughts on “‘Zombie Apocalypse Question Contest’

  1. If Zombies were strolling down the street in my neighborhood, I would grab my Machete that has a brass nuckles handle with spikes. (I would have already purchased this becuase I would be prepared for ZOMBIES!). Then I would need a long distance weapon just in case I was a having a one-on-one combate with a walker and a few more were coming around the corner, I would have myself a good ol’ shot gun, due to my aiming skills, a shot gone has enough power to kill even if I’m a little off target ! While all of this is going on and I’m attempting to save my dogs from my house from being hot dogs for the Zombies, I will have my iPod blaring Clutch…and probably any of their songs would get me in a great Zombie Killing mood! This would be what I would say to my fellow friends after I save my dogs and them…”Circle up the wagons pilgrams..we’ve got some zombie killin’ to do!”


  2. If I had to go through my neighborhood slaying zombies, my melee wepon would be my ‘scorpion’ blade. That thing has a sharp edge no matter which way you turn it, and it even has a blade on the side by the knuckles. My long distance weapon would be a compound bow, because its got to be silent. And the song on my ipod would be Old Friend by Disturbed because that song works well for me now during road rage! =D


  3. For me the weapons are an easy choice… Melee weapon would be the 3 foot metal pipe in the garage because its metal and won’t break easily and has a decent reach…. My choice of ranged weapon is a compound bow and my reason for this is two part. The first part is because of my accuracy with a bow is near on perfect, and secondly its quiet so I can kill from a distance and the rest of the zombies won’t hear me. And last but not least my song of choice for killing zombies would have to be Drowning Pool- Let The Bodies Hit The Floor…. It’s my choice for killing zombies in every game I play…. 🙂


  4. If I had to save someone my melee weapon would be my parang since it’s built tough and has a longer reach then a kukri or traditional machete. My choice for ranged weapon would be tougher but ultimately I would choose an Air Rifle as its quieter than a gun so less chance of alerting zombies to your position and it carries an insane amount of rounds. Lastly I believe my song choices would reflect my mood at the time. Am I pissed I was sent to do this or quite happy to get handed this task. It honestly would fluctuate between super cheesy pop and bands like metallica or disturbed.


  5. melee weapon would be my replica klingon bat’leth all the time i’d be listening to motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” on continuous loop…if i got tire by weilding that heavy blade Lemmy and the boys could keep me pumped,


  6. I’d prefer a smaller metal ball and chain with spikes, not too heavy so it can be swung without getting too close; a repeating rifle ( tho a semi-auto may be better for this), and I’d have to have a good beat to z-slay to like MJ’s Thriller or how about Donna Summer to get the blood pumping?


  7. A crowbar as the melee, allowing me to use it as a tool to get into locked places as well as a weapon. An M4 with a Trijicon ACOG with plenty of 30 round magazines. Enter Sandman by Metallica


  8. Ok, while I know deep down there will never be a zombie apocolypse coming soon, that still hasn’t stopped me from stocking up on certain items ready for such an event.
    My hand weapon of choice would be my carbon steel ninjato blade I have stashed ready for emergencies. Its strong and razor sharp, plus swords don’t run out of bullets!
    My missile weapon choice is my 180lb pull crossbow pistol that I have for target shooting, previously used for sport, would now qualify me for olympic zombie shooting instead! It has carbon steel bolts, aluminium bolts and a ton of plastic flighted ones too, I think that would last me for a little bit until I coukld get my hands on something better (Remember, I live in the UK, so getting hold of a decent gun and ammo is a bit tricky, but it’s not impossible, I know plenty of people with shotguns and hunting rifles…my only gun is an air rifle, but that isn’t going to be worth spit when the undead take over my hood….!)
    The song I would want playing would be Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff, Its the ideal song to destroy stuff to! I would be in my element smashing skulls and hacking limbs! Another thing, I hate my neighbours quite a bit, so it would be an exciting prospect to be able to annihilate the zombie them!, even if they hadn’t been infected, I would be tempted to attack them anyway…..nobody would care, its the end of the world…….!!!


  9. My melee weapon would be a pair of Kukri machetes, my long range weapon would most likely a crossbow, since they’re silent compared to guns, and my song would be War by Sick Puppies. It would be a slaughterhouse of fun 😀


  10. I always liked the Stanley Fubar III as a melee weapon. Not sure about long range, perhaps a slingshot as I have no training in bows and guns. My song of choice would be Ravel’s Bolero, it is just good.


  11. My melee weapon would be a katana, crossbow for long distance, and then my song would be Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata…because my fighting would be a fluid masterpiece.


  12. Maple-wood baseball bat; strong, sturdy wood that can pack a punch and demolish a skull.
    Molotov cocktails; need the fire power to take out large groups.
    Song… i’d have to go for an entire soundtrack: the sound track to Fight Club by the Dust Brothers, because, well, it’s fight music.


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  14. For a melee weapon it would have to be a longsword. It’s fun, it looks cool, it’s silent, ambidextrous and in a pinch you throw it… and you don’t have to reload a longsword.

    For a ranged weapon it would have to be a Bradley fighting vehicle. You don’t have to walk, it doesn’t matter if you’re not paying attention to your “six”, you can sleep in it safely, carry your stuff, etc. Oh yeah, and when it goes “BOOM BOOM BOOM” there’s just not much more satisfying. Except maybe an Abrams… but the Bradley is a bit more maneuverable and better on fuel – and has more space in case you want to pick up a few Zombie slaying friends along the way. Hi-Hoooooo!

    As to the song…. yeah, everybody always goes for the obvious. Me, I want something that pisses me off and makes me want to blow things up. Like “Barney’s” theme song. Or anything by the teletubbies… I’m just saying…


  15. I live in small town Idaho, where better to be when zombies start roaming about? So realistically if I was elsewhere and returning home to save someone I love, my melee weapon would have to be the big tire iron already in my truck, my hunting rifle that lives in the back window of said truck, and since I’m a rock & roll kind of country girl my fight song would be “Pain” by Three days Grace.


  16. For my melee, I would grab a mini sledge hammer (heavy mallet) out of the shed. Lets see them go for me with a crushed skull. If I had time, would tie a leather strap around the hilt so it wouldn’t fly off

    I would be happy with a M1911 due to it being fairly decent for its size and ammo is common enough. Guns are a last resort imo…too noisy, but crossbows lack..ammo, and are too bulky/odd in tight corners

    As far as music to fight off zombies..
    Manowar’s Dawn Of Battle is a no brainer (pun?).
    “Let all understand, that If I fall, I will live again”

    That would be my quick bug out gear..of course, if I had months of prep, I would prefer full battle rattle, a long list of tunes, sniper rifles, night vision, etc..but zombie apocalypses’ aren’t scheduled…so, in a prepare in 2 minutes scenario, thats pretty much what I would have.


  17. A machette for chopping through bone and flesh, crossbow for distanced attacks, and bugging out to the tune of People Who Died by Jim Carroll Band! My friends and I have already made plans to bug out in case of societies imminent collapse.


  18. weapons can be anything as long as i’m going to be good with it. but if the outbreak happens while i’m at home to save the neighbourhood i’d use a hockey stick, i’ve watched the neighbourhood kids slashing and punching the ground with hockey sticks for months now and am impressed none of those sticks broke yet, and a long bladed knife i hid in the basement from our 5 year old. what music i listen to may be just the point bc i listen to music when working instead of ear plugs, or just jogging for some exercise, i like dark goth like aural vampire so one of her songs or something by kittie or maybe even metallica.


  19. I would carry a katana or something similar as a melee weapon because they’re small and light, yet effective. I’d also choose a bow and arrow or crossbow as a ranged weapon because I imagine arrows would be easier to make rather than trying to find ammunition. Plus both of these weapons can be used fairly quietly and with stealth. The song would be ‘Cult of Chaos’ by Arch Enemy, because that is my kick a$$ song.


  20. I’d definitely bring my titanium crowbar for close-quarters work — good for bashing skulls, light-weight, and multi-purpose. For distance, I’d choose a .22 Lee Enfield, since I’m a good shot with it and familiar with it’s handling. Rounds are pretty easy to come by, and the bolt-action means less waste of ammo — one shot, one kill, so it would only be used when absolutely necessary. As for music, I’d go with the Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive”. Gotta keep a sense of humor!


  21. I have quite a collection of swords here at home, but I think maybe I’d choose the Glaive knife that I have from the movie Blade. It’s razor sharp and you really have to get up close and personal, which is just fine with me. For my long-range weapon, I’d definitely go with my Mosin–Nagant, 7.62 x 54 mm’s of accuracy and death, or re-death, as it were. Picking off zombies within 550 yards of me while perched on the roof with a beer sounds like a fun day. The song playing on my ipod is a no-brainer “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” by Drowning Pool. What could be more appropriate that!


  22. I would use a katana for my close contact work since it has an awesome reputation for “getting the job done.” For a long distance kill, I’d go for a rifle. But if I could scavange a sniper’s gun, that would be even better. While surviving and kicking ass at the same time, I’d listen to “Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeah’s


  23. If I had to risk slaying zombies for a friend, I would use a bat for my melee weapon, as I have quite the abundance of those in my garage, not to mention the great target practice I would get using it. For a long-range weapon, my bow, because I am semi-good at using it, whereas I know nothing about any other weapons. As for the song, Thriller by Micheal Jackson is a great choice, because it would be like recreating the music video.


  24. The perfect melee weapon would be a metal baseball bat, it gets the job done while taking little damage to itself. For a longer ranged weapon I would use my longbow, because it is quiet when taking out larger groups of the dead, and ammo is going to become more and more difficult to acquire as time goes by. Plus, it is much easier to make arrows by hand than it is to make ammo. The song I would listen to while clearing out my neighborhood would be “Zombies Ate My Neighbors” by Single File, purely for the sheer irony of it, not to mention that it offers an idea for taking out my loved one if I am too late and they’ve already been zombified.



  26. I would choose some clamp on metal spikes for the front of my shoes so that my kicks could be powerful. I would choose a pack of pitbulls for my long range weapon because that would make some good zombie fight scenes. I would choose no music for my IPOD so that I can hear the zombies and thier approach and their screams as they are ripped apart.


  27. I would use a quad ball flanged mace (4 spiked balls chained to a handle) as my melee weapon. This is a weapon that takes little force to use and deals out a lot of punishment. It rips through armor and flesh and crushes bones. Not to mention I would be pretty intimidating even to a zombie as I swung that thing in front of me. My long range weapon would be a swarm of decomposing flesh eating beatles. If farmed and unleashed properly I believe I could unleash them and have large areas of land free of danger. Plus the beetles would be ecologically friendly by controlling the diseases and nitrogen released by such a large amount of rotting carcusses. Therefore, I would not have to worry about burial, water polution, or global warming. My zombie apocalypse would be quickly converted to Eden. My song would be Revolution by the Beatles. I would have speakers instead of earphones to encourage my swarm.


  28. I would bring a crowbar because both ends could be used as a weapon as well as it being sturdy enough to swing around. For a long range weapon I would use a bow and arrow because the arrows could be made, it’s easy to reload and fairly light. The song I would play would be I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers because it reminds me of home and I think that would be as important to how motivated I would be.


  29. My melee weapon would be a medieval mace. Nothing says you mean business like a swinging mace. Even zombies will run from that nastiness. My long range weapon would be a 30.06 scoped sniper rifle. Perfect for those “reach out and touch you” memories. I’d listen to Linkin Park’s “Numb” while I’m smashing skulls and chests.


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